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Butterfly cocktails

Butterfly barmen and owners Kristo Tomingas and Heinar Õispuu have put together a colorful and picturesque book that shares with you 30 exciting recipes of cocktails that used to be available only at Butterfly lounge. Cocktails are a great part of almost any party and help you to personalize your feast. It’s good if you happen to have a shaker or blender but everything is also doable with no professional equipment. Just bring along your creativity and the Butterfly cocktail book!

This book is available only in Estonian.

Butterfly water cocktails

This colorful cocktail book brings you 31 recipes of non-alcoholic cocktails inspired by tap water. Every beautiful drink here has its story but Kristo & Heinar, the cocktail champions, assure that cocktail-inspiration can actually hit you whenever and where-ever – while shopping, eating, gardening.. All the cocktails are accompanied by lovely photographs but not only – you can also find there Heinar’s poems. As he says, this is how he likes to express his feelings.

Cocktails & Garnishes

Heinar Õispuu and Kristo Tomingas are internationally successful Estonian bartenders who have among many other acknowledgements been awarded for the Best Garnish 2013 at the World Cocktail Championship. Their second cocktail book Cocktails & Garnishes concentrates on that field including 50 gorgeous cocktail decorations accompanied with step-by-step instructions to make one yourself.

The book is also including 50 delicious cocktail recipes! It is an e-book that is mainly meant for professional use by barmen who plan to put their skills to the test in competitions but can give good knowledge to any cocktail lovers.

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