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The bartenders of Butterfly lounge are offering entertaining cocktail courses for groups. The duration of a course is about 1.5 hours and it includes explaining the art of cocktails, sharing experiences and teaching how to make tasty cocktails on your own. You can learn about both, classical and contemporary cocktails. It is also possible to make it a theme course covering for example the 1920’s of America, Cuban or Mexican cocktail favorites.

The price of a course is 295€ (including VAT). Courses are held on these conditions for groups of up to 25 people at Butterfly lounge. For bigger groups or courses held outside of Butterfly the price is conventional.

The main schoolers are the owners of Butterfly, Kristo Tomingas and Heinar Õispuu. They are also offering professional workshops for bartenders or serving teams in Estonia or abroad.

Since 2013 when Kristo was awarded at the World Cocktail Championship for the Best Garnish 2013, Kristo and Heinar have been guiding bartenders in the field of garnishes in Ireland, Finland, Poland, Netherlands and Latvia. In Estonia they have been known for their high quality service and cocktail workshops for several years.

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