Tempura tiger prawns      

7 €

Mango-lime jelly

Crispy Butterfly chicken wings

7 €

Sweet and sour glaze

Herb French fries

5 €

Herbs, Cheddar

Sweet potato fries

6 €

Garlic sauce

Cheese plate

16 €

Edam, Forte, Brie, blue cheese, berry jelly, grapes, olives, chips, crackers

Tapas plate

16 €

Chorizo, salami, artichoke, olives, herring pesto tar-tar, bread chips, Jamon ham, BBQ salsa

Party platter

45 €

A selection of our best snacks, cheeses, antipasti, grapes, sauces

Lighter meals

Caesar salad

7 €

Roman salad, black garlic, bread croutons, sous vide egg
Additionally: chicken 1 € / king prawns 3 €

Goat cheese salad

9 €

Apricot-chilli jam, black bread, salad mix, grapes, strawberries, cucumber rolls, blueberry-balsamic cream

Tom Kha soup

6 €

Chicken, mushrooms, shrimps

Beet-cumin hummus

6 €

Watermelon, feta cheese, bread chips

Tuna salad

9 €

Fried tuna steak, salad mix, cherry tomato, quail egg, red onion, sesame seeds, cucumber rolls, flying fish roe, balsamic cream

Quesadilla chicken / chorizo

7 €

Tortilla, chicken / chorizo, cheese, aioli

Main dishes

Chicken noodles

9 €

Coconut milk, red curry, chicken, carrot, zucchini, pineapple, mushrooms, bok choy

Creamy seafood pasta

12 €

Chilli, leek, blue mussels, seafood cocktail, octopus, basil pesto, white wine

Butterfly Club Sandwich

9 €

Smoked ham, Cheddar, pickles, herb french fries

Topless beef burger

10 €

Beef, crafted bun, bacon, mayo, pickle, Cheddar, pickled onion with honey and chilli, herb french fries

Goat cheese burger

10 €

Goat cheese, crafted bun, mayo, fresh cucumber, pear, pickled onion with honey and chilli, sweet potato fries


Raspberry parfait

5 €

Meringue, berries, cream cheese, raspberry coulis

Lime-tequila cream cheese mousse

6 €

Black bread dust, berries, strawberry margarita

Belgian chocolate fondant

5 €

Sesame ice cream, berry jam