For sharing

Fried whiteleg shrimps

12 €

Whiteleg shrimps, garlic, coriander, parsley, butter, lemon, lemon mayonnaise, salad leaves

BBQ chicken wings with soy-honey aioli | (N)

9 €

Chicken wings (6 pc), BBQ sauce, soy-honeyaioli, stalk celery, salad leaves, sesame seeds

Cheese selection for 2/ for 4 | (P)

14 € / 25 €

Cheddar, parmesan, blue cheese, camembert fondue, grapes, berries, fig jam, berry sauce, breadsticks, cashew nuts

Tapas plate for 2 / for 4 | (N)

18 € / 29 €

Roast beef, jamón serrano, chorizo, chicken liver pâté, radish mayo, pickles, olives, grapes, sundried tomatoes, berries, crispbread

Seafood selection for  2 / for 4 | (N)

20 € / 36 €

Whiteleg shrimps, Norway lobster (langoustine), greenshell mussels, trout caviar, lemon, lemon mayonnaise, ciabatta

Party platter

59 €

Selection of our finest snacks, cheeses, antipasti and fresh berries with sauces

* best suited for 8 people

Lighter meals

Caesar salad

9 €

Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, croutons, parmesan, Caesar sauce
On top: chicken 3 € / prawns 4 € 

Roast beef salad | (N)

14 €

Salad leaves, avocado, cherry tomatoes, radish, shimeji mushrooms, honey-mustard dressing, teriyaki sauce, cucumber, roast beef, sesame seeds, Jerusalem artichoke chips

Blue mussels in creamy wine sauce

14 €

Blue mussels (500g), white wine, cream, shallot, garlic, parsley, coriander, crispy ciabatta

Lobster & shrimp roll

18 €

Brioche bun, lobster, surimi, prawns, butter, lemon mayonnaise, salad leaves, roasted onion, chives, herb fries

Dim Sum with shrimps and soy sauce | (N)

13 €

Dim sum with shrimps (6 pc), banana leaves, soy sauce, sesame seeds

Puree soup with Jerusalem artichoke and smoked duck

9 €

Jerusalem artichoke, parsnip, grappa, onion, garlic, butter, smoked duck, carrot chips, green oil

Main dishes

Duck fillet with pumpkin cous-cous and red wine-cherry sauce

21 €

Duck fillet, cous-cous, pumpkin, Romanesco, red wine, demiglace, cherries, Jerusalem artichoke chips

Anguse burger

16 €

Brioche bun, Angus beef, remoulade sauce, tomato, pickles, pickled onions, cheddar sauce

Lobster pasta

17 €

Lobster, surimi, linguine, shallot, cherry tomatoes, chili, parsley, coriander, butter, white wine, flying fish roe, parmesan

Truffle risotto with chicken

13 €

Chicken, risotto, white wine, shallot, champignons, asparagus, cream, parmesan, Jerusalem artichoke chips
*Vegetarian option available

Side snacks

Truffle-parmesan fries with ketchup

7 €

French fries with ketchup | (V, L)

5 €

Sweet potato fries with garlic sauce (V)

7 €


Strawberry white chocolate cheesecake | (N)

7 €

Cream cheese, white chocolate, strawberries, berries, wild blueberry sauce, cookie crumbs, gingerbread, meringue

Warm date cake | (N)

7 €

Dates, walnuts, caramel sauce, cream, butter, berries, cookie crumbs, meringue, pistachio ice cream

Ice cream trio | (N)

5 €

Raspberry sorbet, pistachio ice cream, vanilla ice cream, berries, meringue, cookie crumbs

V – vegetarian | L – lactose free | G – gluten free | N – includes nuts, seeds